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Star Wars Fever Grips The World On Force Friday

The world took one major step closer to celebrating the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens when the clock struck midnight on September 5, 2015. The worldwide Star Wars merchandise event known as Force Friday kicked off with Disney gaining synergy from their Maker Studios YouTube channel performing unboxings throughout the day, which served as additional fuel to drive the masses into a spending frenzy.

IMG_9179While many fans reported that shelves were emptied quickly, it did not stop lines of people growing to epic proportions in virtually every store possible. If there was something that could be branded with Star Wars, it was available, most likely with the images of new droid sensation, BB-8 or new villain, Kylo Ren. Not much is known of either character or the remainder of the new cast yet, but it didn’t stop folks from chasing down every shred of clothing or toy that they could find.

The winners of the toy scramble appeared to be the mini app driven BB-8 from Sphero and the Force FX version of Kylo Ren’s unique cross lightsaber.

Videos from our adventures across multiple stores as well as our unboxings are below. Enjoy our sleepless night/day in the comfort of your home!

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